Our Team

Rijwanul Hoque

Chatbot Designer

Rijwanul is interested in all sectors of IT. But specially in Chatbots as he is working on chatbots since 2017. He uses third party tools to develop chatbots.

Parves Hossain Rabby

Web Designer

Parves is highly interested in Web Design and Programming. He is practicing Web Designing from 2019.

MD Raihan Basher

Graphic Designer

Raihan is interested in Graphic Design. He has completed several courses on Graphic Design and practicing since 2018.

Hasibul Alam

Web Designer

Hasibul is basically interested in all sector of IT. Specially in Web designing. He is also a good advisor of the team.

NS Naim

IT Enthusiast

Naim is a good content writer (Specially IT related). Moreover, he is highly interested in Ethical Hacking.

Fojle Rabbi (Rabib)

Web Developer

Rabib is a PHP Developer. He worked with us on various projects & developed useful APIs for our chatbot and other projects.

Rakib Hossain Sajib

Chatbot Designer

Sajib is a student of Computer Science and Engineering. He is interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & AI related things. Such as: Chatbots.

Md sakib PK

Web Developer

Sakib is a student of Computer Technology. He has been practicing Python from one year. He joined our team on May, 2020.