The story of Founding “Thriving Techies”


Assalamualaikum! Starting in the name of Allah. I am Rijwanul Hoque, a Team member & one of the founders of Thriving Techies, now writing about the pasts of Thriving Techies. How, we decided to build up this company.

So, the first question which arrives in our mind is, what is Thriving Techies? What is the thing? Is it food to eat? Or a clothing brand? Nope, none of them.

Actually, Thriving Techies is a team. A team of some technology lovers from different districts of Bangladesh. The name Thriving Techies means, a group of technology lovers who are developing their skills day by day. Thriving means developing day by day, and Techies means a group of technology lovers.

Thriving Techies was founded on 23rd April, 2018. 1year or 6months before founding the team, Rijwanul Hoque, that means I saw my friend or teammate Parves Hossain Rabby in a Facebook group (maybe the name of the group was TrickBD) commented on a tech-related post. I saw the man in the profile picture seems to be a teenager. Maybe the boy is my classmate. I was a curious boy! At that time, I was researching about messenger chatbots. And I am also interested in talking with people who love technology. I will tell my story maybe some other day. Now, lets come back to the TT (Thriving Techies) story. So, as I was interested to talk with the people of my age who loves technology, I sent a message to Parves. Parves was also a guy of my kind. He also loves to talk with the people who love tech.

Paves was an android expert at that time. Now, he is a very good web designer. I was dumb at that time. Still now, I am dumb. (I know that was a bad joke).

I had another friend (actually my senior) named Raihan Basher in my locality. Raihan Bhai (Bhai means elder brother) was a year senior of mine in our school. But we both used to love operating computers in our school’s computer lab, so we had a very good friendship.

I told Parves about my chatbot research. He also found that interesting & also learned about building chatbots. Then, I, Parves & Raihan bhai took a project named “Robotech”. The project was a chatbot project of making a chatbot that will answer basic questions about android, WordPress, root, Facebook, youtube, computer & others. Parves designed the profile picture & also collected the questions. But the project is still incomplete.

However, we took another project of selling facebook frames. The name of that project was FrameFare. It still exists. At the beginning of the project, I designed about 40+ free frames. After the establishment of our project as a reputed organization, then we started selling facebook frames at a very very cheap rate of 20tk only. That means $0.24 per frame. That is very very cheap. Cause, we had only little basics of Graphic Designing. After starting the paid program, I was gone far from my computer & Raihan bhai earned a lot from that project. A lot means, a lot for us, who was just 13years old. That was our first earning & that means a lot to us.

After FrameFare, I build a chatbot (very basic) for timepass. The name of that bot is “Tumpa” That bot is designed for chatting with the people of Bangladesh. By a miracle, it got 10,000 users in just 6months.

Then, we realized that we are going to work on many other projects in the future. So, we need a root team. Which will be the center of all projects. We need a company (basically a team). Then, we took the decision to build up a team. We made up a Facebook group. Then we thought that, we need a name for this team. Then we searched dictionaries for a name with a meaning. Then we, the little techies found a name for our team. With the voting of all three team members, we decided to call our team “Thriving Techies”. I, Parves & Raihan bhai was the first three founders & members of our team. I & Raihan bhai from Chittagong district, Parves from Rajshahi district. Then we got Hasibul Alam as our team member from Dhaka district through our “Tumpa” project in November 2019.


Logo of Thriving Techies